Property Checks


At MOT Inventories we provide property checks for landlords and estate agents throughout London and the surrounding areas.

An inventory check is a complete record of the decor, furniture, fixtures and fittings of the property including any outside space.

Digital photos are provided of each room focusing on areas of interest such as items of value or specific dilapidations. 

A property check is usually carried out when a tenant is checking in or checking out from the property to see if there is any damage to the property or furnishings which must be paid for.

With our professional Inventory Clerks, MOT will carry out a property inventory survey going through the whole property, leaving nothing out. A report will be created together with high resolution images detailing the condition of the property as well as any furniture and appliances within.

Fully Detailed Property Check Reports

Here are MOT Inventories we specialize in offering inventories for landlords and estate agents across London, and the surrounding areas. Our inventory checks are particularly thorough and include digital photos as well as a written record of the condition of the property in question. Indeed, MOT inventories always include a record of the furniture, the decor, the fittings, fixtures, and even the outside space that comes with a property.

This means you can rest safe in the knowledge that if any damage occurs you will be able to quickly spot it and take the appropriate action.

The report will be available in digital form within two business days of carrying out and bound copies are available upon request.

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Additional Benefits

It’s not just the highly detailed report that we offer at MOT that has our customers coming back time and time again though. In fact, it is also the additional benefits that we include in our service at no extra cost. 

The first of these is that it will test all appliances, as well as smoke and fire alarms to ensure they are working and safe, thus removing the burden of doing this from the landlord or managing agent. Additionally, at MOT we will also take gas and electric meter readings, which many of our clients have found useful in resolving disputes after a tenant has moved out. 




Our clients recommend us and our professional property check service.


Our staff are always courteous and professional and we are fully insured for any liabilities.

Fully Detailed Reports

Property Check Reports include descriptions of all fixtures and fittings, gas/electric readings, appliance tests and more.

Simple Booking

Book online and choose your preferred time and date and we can liaise directly with tenants if required.

Peace Of Mind

We provide great pre and after sales service for any questions that you may have


Inventory reports are produced within two working days.


Our prices are competitive for the service that we provide.


We can pick and drop off keys if required and carry out property checks on Sundays. We are also usually available for last- minute bookings

Our clients trust us for property checks

The last thing that a busy landlord or estate agent needs is the hassle of arranging a property check before a tenant has moved in, or out.

After all, it’s not only the time they take to complete that is the problem, but arranging the check appointment with tenants and picking up and dropping off keys as well. 

The good news is that by delegating property checks to our fully trained inventory clerks, you can free up time and avoid the effort and hassle of having to complete them yourself. 


At MOT we pride ourselves on long standing partnerships with multiple agents and landlords and providing them with consistent results for their inventory requirements.

Our convenient booking system is just the first step in the process that many of our clients know that they can trust us to carry our quickly and efficiently and without taking too much of their time.

We can handle everything from the moment the booking has been requested until completion. From picking up the keys to dealing with tenants, our in-house inventory clerks will handle your property inventory check with ease and efficiency.

Trust MOT today with all your property inventory services.