Inventory Clerks


At MOT Inventories, our property inventory clerks provide full inventory inspections for landlords and estate agents throughout London and the surrounding areas.

An inventory check is a complete record of the decor, furniture, fixtures and fittings of the property including any outside space.

Digital photos are provided of each room focusing on areas of interest such as items of value or specific dilapidations. 

A property check is usually carried out by check in or check out from the property to see if there is any damage to the property or furnishings which must be paid for.

With our professional Inventory Clerks, MOT will carry out a property inventory check going through the whole property, leaving nothing out. A report will be created together with high resolution images detailing the condition of the property as well as any furniture and appliances within.

Fully Insured Property Inventory Clerks

Not only will clients receive detailed inventory reports, written by a trained inventory clerk, but we offer additional value to our service at no extra cost.

The first of these is that we read gas and electric meters for you, and record this data in case of any tenant dispute.

We will also test fire and smoke alarms and electrical appliances, so you can be sure the property meets the required safety standards. Thus, saving you time, and making sure your business is compliant with the regulations in this area.

The report will be available in digital form within two business days of carrying out and bound copies are available upon request.

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Our fully trained inventory clerks provide fast, detailed, and convenient property checks for you.

The sad truth for many landlords is that tenants often leave their properties in a much worse state than when they found them. Unfortunately, many tenants are unwilling to admit to such actions and this can leave the landlord stuck between two less than satisfactory options. The first being to have to pay for the damage done out of their own pocket, while the second is to chase the tenant for the cost of repairs, a situation that often ends with a long, unpleasant, and costly dispute.

The good news is that using the services of an independent inventory clerk can help to both minimize the risk of any such disputes, and make settling the ones that do occur much faster and easier.

Indeed, here at MOT Inventories, our property inventory clerks provide London and the surrounding areas with a detailed inventory inspection service. Our clients include both landlords and estate agents and each one always receives a full record with digital images showing the condition of the fixtures and fittings, the decor, and the furniture in a property, as well as any outside space. 

At MOT Inventories we offer a check-in, check-out report, or both, that will provide you with the evidence you need to identify any damage or wear and tear to your property.




Our clients recommend us and our professional property check service.


Our inventory clerks are always courteous and professional and we are fully insured for any liabilities.

Fully Detailed Reports

Property Check Reports include descriptions of all fixtures and fittings, gas/electric readings, appliance tests and more.

Simple Booking

Book online and choose your preferred time and date and we can liaise directly with tenants if required.

Peace Of Mind

We provide great pre and after sales service for any questions that you may have


Inventory reports are produced within two working days.


Our prices are competitive for the service that we provide.


We can pick and drop off keys if required and carry out property checks on Sundays. We are also usually available for last- minute bookings

Our clients trust us for property checks

At MOT we pride ourselves on long standing partnerships with high level estate agents, property managers and landlords, providing them with consistent results for their inventory checking requirements.

Our convenient booking system is just the first step in the process that many of our clients know that they can trust us to carry our quickly and efficiently and without taking too much of their time.

We can handle everything from the moment the booking has been requested until completion. From picking up the keys to dealing with tenants, our in-house inventory clerks will handle your tenancy inventory checks with ease, professionalism and efficiency.

Trust MOT today for all your professional property inventory reports.

MOT Inventories for all your property inventory needs

Don’t risk drawn-out and expensive tenant disputes. Instead, be sure you have all your bases covered by getting an MOT Inventory Clerk to check your property and compile a detailed report for you.

After all, here at MOT Inventories, we specialise in helping clients all over London and the surrounding areas get the property checks they need when they need them.

We also pride ourselves on offering a simple, convenient, and fast service. With MOT inventories you can book at the last minute, or even on a Sunday. We’ll even pick up and drop off clients’ keys and liaise with them if necessary. This means all you need to do is use our simple online booking system.

Finally, unlike our competition, at MOT Inventories we offer a fast service at a competitive price. Something that means you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are prepared in case of property damage and have the best possible chance of winning any tenant dispute without having to pay through the nose.

Call us now to speak to our fully trained inventory clerks, today and discover how we can meet all your property inventory needs.